Genuíno’s restaurant

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If you are looking for the best fish and seafood, we advise you to visit the Genuine Restaurant. Founded and managed by Genuíno Madruga, an Azorean navigator with two rounds of the world sailing and alone, here you can taste the best fresh fish and seafood in the city, while also enjoying the beautiful view of the bay of Porto Pim.

Canto da Doca restaurant


In the Canto da Doca restaurant, which stays on the same street as the Genuíno’s restaurant, all dishes are made at the table, using hot basalt stone. The restaurant had as inspiration the naval construction practiced during the sec. XIX and mid-sec. XX, namely part of the fleet that had been prepared for the trip of D. Pedro IV to Mindelo.

XF restaurant

If you are looking for a good steak at the region, you can try the bar / restaurant XF. This restaurant has also a nice view to Pic,  good music and good gin.

Medalhas restaurant

Last but not least, we recommend a visit to the restaurant Medalhas. Located in the city center, this restaurant offers typical Azorean dishes, such as black pudding, “linguiça” and fried yams.

In any of the restaurants we mention, you will have at your disposal a selection of delicious Portuguese wines.


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